For Creatives: The Art of black hair

Somewhere in the throes of history, the hair that grows out black people’s heads became the topic of obsession, envy, hate, admiration, confusion, and self love.  Art is the expression of human’s creative skill and imagination.  Personally, I cannot think of a medium I have spent more time, money, creativity, and patience on  than my […]

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A Brief Introduction: Jack Rasmussen

Jack Rasmussen is currently the Director and Curator and the Katzen Arts Center and the American University Museum. He grew up in the Northwestern region of the United States, spending time in Seattle, Portland, and San Jose. He has earned degrees in Art and Anthropology before moving to Washington D.C. and getting his MFA in […]

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10 Apps For Creatives

I am a strong believer in the notion that the apps you download say a lot about you as a person, in 2018 it’s fair to say it is comparable to your astrological sign. I have recently been on a mission to break out of my old lady mindset and delve deeper into what the […]

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