A BrIEf Introduction: QuahMayla Brooks

Quahmayla Brooks is a Senior Marketing Major at Howard University. Her creativity radiates; from her style, to her makeup, to her IG feed. She is colorful and has a unique perspective on the world and is always open to sharing it. Here is a brief introduction of…

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Quahmayla Brooks and I’m from the Bay Area of California

Do you have a problematic fave?

Kayne West, I’m actually writing about this man right now. Lowkey he’s my favorite because he’s problematic and has the balls to do it.

3. What mediums do you use to channel your creativity?

I definitely like to jump around. I’m really into visual and digital art, especially with my Instagram. I’m really into arranging, editing, and layering.

4. Who are your artistic inspirations?

I really like these young new artists that are coming out as well as older creatives. Like @scumfuckflowerboy, @pollynor, @erykahbadu, and @tierrawhack

5. How do you feel your grown as an artist over the past 5 years?

One big thing has been learning that art can be anything that you want it to be, and that it can mean different things to different people. I used to think that you had to be a painter to be an artist, but looking at people who think outside the box has attributed to my growth as an artist, like Tierra Whack’s new project was amazing.  

6. How do you deal with artistic blocks?

Sometimes it’s rough, and you start to think that you’re a fraud because you can’t come up anything. But, I’ve just learned to be patient and when the time comes for me to create something it will happen. 

7. How do you use your creativity in your marketing career?

I think that I use it most though branding. My creativity really allows me to hone in on the wants and personalities in a target market and cater to them.

8. Do you consider public reaction when sharing your art? How do you gain confidence in your voice as a creative? 

I try not to, I think when you overly consider other people’s reactions it can taint your vision. That’s one of the things I respect about Kanye. Sometimes I think “Hmm, what if this is too weird and no one gets it”  I think it makes your art much more honest when you’re not worried about the reactions.

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