Museum memo: Tate Modern

If the Brits know anything, it’s how to build opulent building, and how put together a museum. From the British Museum and The National Gallery to the Tate Modern. The week I spent in London was one spent immersed in art.  

The Tate Modern Museum had a long history before developing into the entity it is today. Originally the museum was founded in 1867 with the name the National Gallery of British Art. Once they also implemented the modern and contemporary art facet in 1932, the museum was acquired by Henry Tate. Today, the Tate is a network of 4 museums still owned by a private entity. Two of which are in London; the Tate Britain,  a collection of British art from 1500 – present day, and the Tate Modern, which holds the collection of British and international modern and contemporary art from 1900 – present day. Tate Liverpool is also home to contemporary art, but on a smaller scale than Modern. Lastly is Tate St Ives in Cornwall which displays modern and contemporary art by local artists. 

I got to visit the Tate this past March. Besides fish and chips, it was the single thing I was most excited about during my visit. We arrived on a gloomy day, nothing less than what you would expect of the city. The entrance to the museum is quite unassuming compared to the massive space within.

The museum was engaging, interactive, and never had a lull in content. There was always something exciting or refreshing in each exhibit while still feeling cohesive.

What may have won my heart upon entry was the giant mirrored pendulum hanging in the Turbine Hall reflecting a dizzying rainbow carpet surrounded by giant functional swing. Child-like and awe inspiring at once.  

This museum alone holds over 1,000 works of art spread across around 50 exhibitions. I was walking around like a kid in Disneyland, extremely excited/exhausted due to the sheer amount of famous art they have. As you go from room to room you never know if you’re going to run into a Warhol, Condo, Picasso, or Duchamp.

If you ever have the opportunity, to visit London I highly suggest taking the time to visit the Tate Modern. 

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