A Brief Introduction: Kai Gray

There are people behind the scenes that connect you to your favorite creative brands and create their public image in unique and excited ways. Kai Gray is a Senior PR Major at Howard University who has used PR to turn her creativity to her career.


Here’s a brief introduction of The Princess of PR…

What’s your name?

Kai Gray

How about your astrological sign?


Who is your favorite member of Migos:

Offset, cause he can rap!

Can you tell me exactly what PR is?

Technically, public relations is the establishing and maintaining of mutually beneficial relationships between a brand and its publics. But I like to say that as a PR specialist, I give your brand its personality.

When did you start to realize you could use PR as a creative outlet?

Probably the first time I had to create a PR campaign. It was cool to me because I had  full creative control. For example, if you came to me like “I want to create a shoe brand and I want to appeal to girls in college,” then I would tell you what kind of photos and captions to post on your social media, what kind of colors you should use to evoke specific emotions in your advertisements, or that maybe you should host a pop up shop on a campus.

What’s a current PR campaign that you love?

Um, probably Cardi B’s whole life! Her publicist, Patience Foster turned her into a fashionable woman from the Bronx that even white people love. She on a song with Maroon 5! Like just think of the Cardi you knew when she was just making funny Instagram videos, then think of the Cardi you know now who wears custom Dolce & Gabbana! All the fashion shows, interviews, her FashionNova deal, that’s all PR work!

I know there are a bunch of different facets of PR! What type of Public Relations do you want to do?

I think Fashion PR would be super fun. I could have like Elle Magazine as one of my clients or even an up and coming designer!

Check out some of Kai’s work here!



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