For Creatives: Why The World Needs Junglepussy

featured photo: Alex de Mora

As I revel in my post Junglepussy concert bliss, look forward to seeing Queen Key in a few days, and pray that Rico Nasty will somehow show up to Howard Homecoming’s YardFest. I began to think about how the recent support of women rappers in the industry has given a global stage to a voice that has been silenced for decades.

The ability for woman to express their struggles, successes, femininity, and sexuality through a medium that was largely accepted as masculine, has given a broader perspective on what it means to be a rapper.

There is an important lineage of woman who paved the way for some of my favorite young artists such as; Noname, Rico Nasty, Queen Key, Tierra Wack, and Junglepussy. The work of woman rappers in the 90’s and 00’s has allowed these artists to not only rap as a response to the male dominated field, but to tell their own stories.

As a young black woman, to be able to listen to someone who looks like me speak candidly about struggles with mental health and relationships, then on the next track remind the world that “this p*ssy don’t pop for you” is inspiring to say the least. These women are shattering the media’s one dimensional portrayal of women of color.

Hip-hop/rap has created beautiful art, born out the the Black struggle. Mix that with the voices of women, that have been silenced throughout history. Bars, beauty, and brains…it is no wonder that these artists are unstoppable.




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