For Creatives: Breaking Through Your Creative Block


The biggest frustration for many creatives is the ironically the lack of creativity itself. We’ve all been there…pen to the page, brush to the canvas, or feet on the dance floor; but your mind is as empty as the financial aid office when you have a hold on your account.


There is a myriad of reasons why you may feel a lack of creative ideas. It may be a mental barrier, emotional difficulties, or a problem with your workspace.


Regardless, Here are 10 ways to get you creative energy flowing:


  1. Sleep 
  2. Create an Inspiration Board
  3. Go to a Museum
  4. Brainstorm with Friends
  5. Explore Mother Nature
  6. Work Through the Frustration
  7. Change your Medium
  8. Get Physical
  9. Meditate
  10. Social Media Break

Bonus: Watch Lemonade by Beyoncé (arguable the most creative masterpiece of our generation)

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